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Our Story

KV Homes officially began in 2004 when Jordan and Shana renovated a bungalow in Northeast Portland.  Jordan juggled the renovation with another full-time job; Shana was finishing pharmacy school.  They lived in the house during the entire process.  But, with it's completion, they decided to look for another.  And then another.


Jordan unofficially got his start at a young age in San Diego, where his granddad owned a construction company.  Jordan was curious and spent a lot of time tagging along to job sites.  As an adult, Jordan's interest in the building trades hasn't changed.  He continues to research and innovate, combining traditional craftsmanship with the most current construction techniques.


After working as a pharmacist for over 12 years, Shana stepped away from the pharmacy to take a more active role in KV Homes.  Shana designs homes and spaces that honor the traditional artistry found in Portland's architecture.  She thrives on the challenges inherent in bringing new functionality to existing homes yet also enjoys the creativity of designing new spaces from a blank slate.

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