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Hello & First Consult

Jordan personally meets with you at your home or site to talk with you about your project.  This generally takes an hour.  He may return to obtain additional measurements of your property.


Design Bid & Contract

Based on the information you share during the initial consultation, we will submit a bid for the design phase of your project.   This bid will include the fee to design your project and produce necessary building plans.  The design bid includes the printed layouts and/or plan sets but does not include the permitting fees assessed by the city or  any necessary engineering fees.

At this phase, an initial design deposit is required with the signed design contract.


Design Preparation

This part of the process is yours and begins as early as possible.  The best way to communicate your ideas is through photographs.  We ask that you create a collection of photos  - organized by room - highlighting spaces and details that inspire you.   The more detailed and organized you are, the better chance we have of capturing your final vision in the ultimate design.


Conceptual Design

These are the initial renderings of your space.  This is the time to make revisions to the project inexpensively.  Sometimes the conceptual design takes the form of hand-drawn sketches, but most often is a set of computer-generated images sent to you electronically.  Once you have approved the conceptual designs, we will move into the final design phase.


Completed Plan Sets

This phase requires an average of two months.  The final plan sets will be printed at a large-scale professional printing office.  Upon printing of completed plans, the final design fee is required.


Construction Budget & Bid

With final plans, your materials selection, and preliminary bids from our subcontractors in hand, we will submit a construction bid to you. 

 We operate on a transparent cost-plus-fee basis.  We keep records of receipts and invoices and gladly submit them to you upon completion of the project or as requested.




Once the budget and bid are approved, we will provide a construction contract for your approval and signature.  Your first payment is due at this phase of the construction process.   Upon receipt of first payment, your plans will be submitted to the appropriate engineer(s) and to the city for approval.  Additional installments are assessed throughout the project, as key trades are completed.


Materials Selection

While plans are under review for permitting, you will be given a detailed list of finishes and materials that need to be chosen for your project.  We are happy to share our favorite places to shop as well as to pass along contractor savings to you when available.  Your selections will be recorded on a working spreadsheet for our mutual reference.

* We also work with clients that own existing plan sets.  These clients begin the process at this phase.




We offer quality assurance through the entire building process.  Jordan personally interfaces with the subcontractors, inspectors, and with you at every step to guide the workmanship and answer questions that arise.  


Final Walk-Through

Jordan will meet with you on-site.  Together, you will ensure the project has been completed to the building standards outlined in the original construction contract.  We follow this with a professional cleaning and then welcome you to your new home.

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